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I help people find their own path, towards a life that’s as unique as they are – free from the expectation to be anything other than themselves.

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Tools, ideas, workshops and reflections to help you navigate through your life and walk a path that’s authentically yours.

So often, we end up walking on a path that isn’t our own. Pulled between conflicting priorities, rushing from one unnourishing event to the next, or sleepwalking through the precious days we get to experience being alive.

But there’s a real you, waiting to be rediscovered. Often hidden behind years of cultural conditioning, toxic social conformity and the unhelpful expectations we burden ourselves with. Trapped by the fear and conformity that bends us into uncomfortable positions. Buried under guilt, shame and fear – and dragged back by all the unhelpful scripts that stop us being the remarkable version of ourselves we could be.

I work with people to help them rediscover a truer version of themselves, the one buried under years of unhelpful thinking. And then, to find a way to take their unique gifts and apply them in a way that brings them joy.

People who are feeling lost, adrift or frustrated in their lives and are looking for a way to reconnect with themselves while navigating towards a happier, more fulling way to be. 

I work as a guide, sherpa and pathfinder – helping them connect with their own potential and craft a way forward to self-acceptance and brighter possibilities.

Acting as an experienced and non-judgemental companion – catalysing change while dispelling the guilt, shame and self-doubt that holds us back.

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Where I can help

Points on your journey where I can help.

Inner Compass
Setting your

Inner Compass

Aligning your values, purpose and priorities to what matters.

Life Orientation
Taking a

Life Review

Taking stock of where you are, how you got there and where next.

Life Goals Coaching
Planning your next


Building a clear picture and roadmap of where you want to be.

Decision Making Coaching

Big Decisions

When life gives you difficult or complex decisions to make.

New Path Main Icon 1
Choosing a

New Path

When things aren’t working and you need to change direction completely.

Building a Plan Main Icon 1
Building an

Effective Plan

Building a workable, measurable plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Enjoying Life Main Icon 1
Enjoying the


Spending more time enjoying being alive and connecting with your journey.

Darker Times Main Icon 1
Travelling through

Darker Times

When things get dark, you’re feeling lost or you’re finding it hard to keep going.

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Common challenges

People work with me for all sorts of reasons, but these are most common.

Issue Burnout
Walking back from


Building yourself back after burnout. Find a healthier balance in a world with endless demands and expectations.

Issue Bore Out


Finding a way back from the apathy and tastelessness that comes from not being stimulated by your life.

Issue Purpose


Held back by self-doubt, self-criticism and not knowing how or where to start to find more meaning.

Issue Imposter Syndrome
Feeling like an


Feeling like an imposter in your own life and worried you’ll get found out for being you.

Issue Guilt and Shame
Weighted down by

Guilt & shame

The shame and guilt of failing at “normal” that stops us living to our potential and using our gifts.

Issue Expectations
Crushing, unrealistic


Huge expectations to achieve everything – which end up becoming crushing burdens.

Issue Finish what you started


Endless plans to get stuff done but failing when your executive function starts holding you back.

Issue Perfectionism
Paralysed by


Never being happy with your achievements, or never starting because of the fear of failure.

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Free yourself from the shackles of expectation and build on your remarkable gifts.

Lose the shame and guilt from “failing at normal”.

Stop feeling guilty for wanting a life that fits you, and connect with the shame that’s holding you back from getting there..

Embrace your gifts and find a path you’re happy with.

Develop your strengths and use them to build a life that suits who you are and how you want to live.

Be clear and unapologetic about what you need.

Find effective ways to communicate what you need and set helpful boundaries.

Develop effective tools and techniques for you.

Manage yourself in effective, non-judgemental ways (that fit with your need for variety and enrichment).

Develop greater self-belief.

Reconnect with your self-belief, pride and compassion for the remarkable human you are. Build your confidence and self-worth.

Joyful, conscious living.

Joy isn’t a dirty word, and shouldn’t be a luxury. Find deeper, meaningful ways to live and enjoy (rather than dread) each day.

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