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I’m James Freeman-Gray, a change professional and certified executive and personal development coach who’s been helping people find their way for over 15 years.

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Helping people find their path

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I’m a fully qualified executive and personal development coach who’s been supporting people change their lives for over 15 years. In that time I’ve worked as a change director for worldwide change programmes, but now spend my time exploring the world while coaching amazing humans to find their own path through life.

What I believe

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We can’t always choose what life throws our way, but we can absolutely choose what we do with it. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity and support to realise a life they enjoy living – whatever that looks like to them.

I also believe it’s easy to lose our way and feel like a stranger in our own lives. Pulled by competing priorities, weighed down by unhelpful scripts and stuck in the paradox of feeling constantly busy while never getting where we want to go.

It doesn’t need to be like this.

I help people to reconnect with what really matters to them, and craft a path through life that works for them.

There are an awful lot of ways to live a human life, and it’s a terrible shame when we don’t get to live the one that fits us best.

And so I coach the courageous people who, although feeling a little lost, have the bravery to do something about it. To support them to make the most of their innate gifts, and find a path that brings them the joy we all deserve.

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A few bits about me.

I’m a qualified

Executive Coach

I’m a qualified, Level 7 Executive and Personal Development coach with the Institute of Leadership & management (ILM). My background’s in business coaching but I bring those years of experience to my personal development coaching too.

I’ve been doing it for

15 years

I’ve been supporting individuals to transform their lives and make the most of their talents for over 15 years – in organisations and individually.

My background is in


I’ve worked in change and transformation for over 15 years, mostly with large bluechips and FTSE100 companies. I have a background in organisational psychology, behavioural change and strength-based approaches.

I’m 100%


Originally from Surrey, United Kingdom, I now travel the world living wherever me and my partner feel we’d like to visit. Usually it’s places with lots of mountains as I’m a very keen hiker and novice mountaineer.

My most recent day job was a

Change Director

I’ve developed the strategies and activities to implement change across global businesses and thousands of people. That means understanding the psychology of effective change, being excellent at working with others and having a deep belief in the potential of people when you work with and not do to them.

I work with people

Across the World

I run sessions virtually and currently work with amazing people in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It pushes my time zone management skills to the limit but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Tools i use

The foundational skills in my coaching approach.

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MY Values

What I stand by.

Coach the person, not the label

I’m not here to diagnose or categorise you, and will always focus on you as an individual over any labels you may have. You are unique and you will be treated as such.

Maintain the highest level of ethics

Maintain absolute confidentiality and abide by the ethical standards of my accrediting body. Be ethical in how, what and why I coach.

Be honest, open and transparent

Always be open and honest with my clients, never impose my views on them and focus on building a partnership of trust and mutual respect.

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Foundations of growth

How I believe clients can grow with kindness.


that’s free from judgement

The better we know ourselves, the easier our lives can be. But we also need to learn to be kind to ourselves – to be thoughtful observers to our nature rather than harsh critics. Self-awareness without the stigma that we need to be more than we are.


without excess

Being able to reflect on ourselves and explore our behaviour without becoming prisoners to our thinking. To find a balanced approach to reflection and the growth of our emotional intelligence.


of who you are today

It may sound paradoxical, but the more we accept ourselves for who we are today the easier it is to grow into something tomorrow. Acknowledging the remarkable person you are already helps build on the strengths you already have.


to learn about ourselves

Supporting clients to have the curiosity to learn about themselves, what makes them happy and what they want from life. Learning about ourselves is an ever changing, lifelong endeavour so it pays to be inquisitive.


to change the things we want to

I help clients to build the courage to make change in their lives when they need to, and develop the resilience to work through life’s challenges when they arise.


to find a life that makes you content

There’s no solution that fits everyone, so it’s about understanding what works for you. It’s about exploring solutions, ideas and approaches together – and finding something that fits you.

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How I run my coaching sessions.

You always set the agenda

You’re in charge and set the agenda for each session or group of sessions. We’ll always agree at the start what you want to focus on and what we want to achieve.

My role is to be an attentive companion

I’m not there to impose my views – I’m there to help you explore your thinking. A coach should never be the biggest personality in the room and our focus will always be on supporting you to find your own way.

It’s action-focused

We’ll always focus on what actions or outcomes we want to see. Sometimes you won’t know exactly what that looks like – so we’ll work on it together

The time and space to think

Most people are never given the time, space and support to achieve what they’re really capable of – I offer this space and support to my clients.

It’s a partnership

I work as a partner with you. I’m not there to tell you what’s right, make judgements or force you to do things my way. We navigate together, understanding your situation, developing options and agreeing a way forward.

To really listen, without judgement

Coaching is about listening. Really listening. Then asking the right questions. My role is to be attentive and aware of your thought process, and thoughtfully challenge it to lead to better outcomes.

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