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Your Inner Compass

Connect with your inner wisdom and build a plan to move forwards purposely with your life.

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Listen deeply to your own intuition and allow it to guide you towards a life which fits you.

Connect with your inner compass

Your inner compass is the culmination of what you believe about the world, your place in it and the story you want to tell with your life. It’s a powerful, self-reflective and activation tool to help you explore whether the path you’re walking reflects the life we want to lead, and how aligned it is with your future aspirations.

Intentionally or not, our inner compass drives our decisions making, our priorities and our agency in the world. It’s fundamental to how we exist and move through our lives.

A life that aligns to our inner compass brings a deeper sense of connection with living day-to-day. It’s often described as “being on the right path”. Equally, when our compass is out of alignment life feels disjointed or out of sync. Living on autopilot, influenced by other people’s expectations or pulled back by self-limiting beliefs can stop us living in way that aligns with how we want live.

Following your inner compass helps you walk a more genuine path, and prevents you being pulled off course by external pressures, challenges of self-belief or doubt. It’s a touchstone to channel your actions and drive forward aspirations. You can use your inner compass to connect with what you intuitively believe and use this deeper wisdom to drive a path towards a better life.

3 Perspective of your Inner Compass

The three perspectives to explore you Inner Compass

Coaching for your North Star

Your North Star

What direction are you aiming your life towards?

Your North Star is the focus you aim your life towards. It guides the steps you take, and where you choose to go.

Inner Compass Code

Your Code

What is the code you choose to live your life by?

The culmination of your values, beliefs and perspective. It is the way you believe a life should be lived.

Inner Compass Story

Your Story

What is the story you plan to write of your life?

Ever day, intentionally or not, you paint the picture of you life through your actions and priorities.

Working with James helped me realised how disconnected I’d become from my own compass and the impact that was having on my enjoyment of life. I feel much more in touch with what I believe and, for the first time in a while, feel like I’m writing a life story authentic to me.

Mary, Senior Executive, New Zealand


Where I can support You

I can help you to reconnect and explore your Inner Compass – building a clear picture of the life you want to live and a defined path for how to get there.

Coaching for your North Star

Your Polestar

  • Review and explore the guiding themes within your life.
  • Connect with your inherent intuition, wisdom and self-awareness.
  • Build deeper clarity on the direction you want to take, and why.
  • Define a vision for your future and explore how to get there.
Inner Compass Story

Your Code

  • Understand your values, beliefs and perspective more clearly.
  • Review how your current lifestyle reflects the life you want to live.
  • Define your moral framework and use it to drive change.
  • Pinpoint the areas in your life that run counter to your code.
  • Create a life code that fits you and not someone else.
Inner Compass Code

Your Story

  • Explore the story you’re creating with the life you’re living.
  • Build a clearer picture of how you want to write it each day.
  • Use tools and techniques to be more intentional with your story.
  • Move away from autopilot, burnout and writing someone else’s story.
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Find your inner compass

If you’d like to explore working together, drop me a message.

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