Exploring Direction in Life Coaching Tool

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Direction in Life Coaching Tool
A coaching tool to building clarity for direction in life. Exploratory questions for when you’re feeling foggy or unclear about where to take your life next.


A Coaching Tool for Clarity On Life Direction

We can all feel a little lost sometimes. This exercise is designed to start removing the fog from your thinking and start the process for a new direction in life. It’s a series of coaching questions designed to build clarity on what you want.

How this tool can help you find direction in life

This tool is designed to start the exploration process for choosing a direction in life. It’s the first step where you take the time to reflect on what you are and begin to explore the aspects you feel bring you value and those that don’t.

It’s broken down into 5 questions, each of which looks as a piece of the puzzle and offers answers as to where you may want to go next.

1. What to take with you

Exploring what you want to take with you. This may be experiences, people, aspects of your life or states of being which have brought you comfort. This is an opportunity to explore the most positive aspects of your life and the parts you find value in. It can also give you a sense of you might want to aim towards.

2. What to leave behind

There will be parts of your life which you know aren’t adding value or have outgrown their usefulness. This may be behaviours, relationships or thinking patterns which are holding you back. When we define the things we want to leave behind we also paint a picture of what the future looks like without them. This can help us gain greater clarity on which direction in life we want to take.

3. What is clouding your thinking

When we don’t know were to go next it’s often because our thinking it clouded. Life a fog that’s descended over our minds and stops us seeing the path forward clearly. Lots of things can cloud our thinking – unresolved decisions, fear of change, clarity on what matters, investment in self-discovery. Part of knowing where to go next starts with knowing what’s getting in the way today. Anxiety, trauma and depression all impact us physiologically and can severely impact our ability to see a way forward.

4. What’s enabling your imagination

As important as what’s clouding your thinking is the things that enable your imagination. Choosing a direction in life is heavily linked to your ability to creatively imagine and define what that looks like. With that in mind, explore what helps you open your imagination. What gives you the space, enrichment and “soul food” to catalyse and inspire your thinking? Is it certain people, certain places or certain things you do. If you struggle to think of something it might be worth exploring in greater depth.

Summary of this Direction in Life tool

You can use this direction in life coaching tool to build greater clarity, insight and perspective on where you could go next. Life direction isn’t a static thing, and for many of use it changes over time. This coaching tool can be useful as part of a wider life review or when thinking about a new path.

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