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Build in the value of a coaching culture across your leaders, teams and business with organisational coaching

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We’re now six months into our new organisational coaching culture and the change is palpable. For me, the most positive aspect is just hearing how the conversations have changed across the organisation and across departments. It’s changed the way we treat each other and work together.

Director of HR, Healthcare Sector, UK

Organisational Coaching that changes the conversation

Organisational coaching is an effective, sustainable way to change the way your organisation thinks, behaves, works together, solves problems, looks after its customers and each other. It’s increasingly becoming the staple in organisations of all sizes due to its ability to improve the way organisations work.

How I can help

Leadership coaching programmes

Working with your exec to build coaching tools and mindset – and build resilience and performance.

Organisational coaching programmes

I have worked as a consultant on multinational change and organisational coaching programmes.

Online, in-house coaching

I act as an online, in-house coach working with leaders and teams on an ad-hoc basis.

I’ve worked with organisations like this

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Transformational Organisational Coaching Process

Organisation coaching can create systemic change across your organisation – increasing resilience, performance and teamwork.

I work as a coaching and change management partner to design, develop and deliver organisational coaching across your business.

Organisational Coaching process

Organisational coaching treats the business as a whole – understanding where you are now, where you want to be and what interventions would help you get there.

Organisational coaching is not just a training initiative, but is focused more on building new skills, tools and techniques into your teams and leaders.

I’ve always found that doing with, rather than doing to is a far more effective way to make organisational coaching stick.

For that reason I’ll always work collaboratively with teams and leaders to understand where they are and what would help them best.

How does Organisational Coaching work?

Organisational coaching is about instilling a new perspective, mindset and suite of tools into your organisation to improve the way it works, change the way it solves problems and transform how everyone works together.

How does Organisational Coaching work?


Coaching is about believing in the potential of people. It’s about building on the existing potential in your organisation.


Coaching tools are designed to help people uncover their own resilience, self-awareness and problem-solving skills.


Coaching is focused on creating outcomes and results – in a way that empowers teams to find answers for themsevles.

A totally bespoke approach

Every organisation is different, so we’ll work on developing something that fits the your needs and the needs of your people.

More than organisational coaching

My background in change management means I can act as a change consultant – helping you define your reason for change, integrate coaching and build a wider change programme to make it stick.

Action-focused organisational coaching

Organisational coaching is always focused on delivering outcomes and positive action with the business. It can align with your existing business objectives and we can build in measurement to make it stick.

Organisational coaching as a collaborative partnership

Change always works best when it’s done with, not to people. My approach is collaborative and designed to co-create an approach rather than impose it.

Organisational Coaching Programme Options

Developing an effective and sustainable Organisational Coaching Programme starts with understanding the need for change and articulating it in a way that the business can get behind.

Clarifying the need for change

  • Developing a clear and quantifiable need for change
  • Articulating it to the business in a way they can get behind.
  • Developing user cases to further reinforce the need for change.

Business objectives and KPIs

  • We’ll develop key, measurable metrics that focus on what’s important.
  • Align to your existing business strategy.

I’ll work with you, leadership and your teams to build an approach that fits your business needs.

Who to focus on and when

Although a cascade approach is often the go-to for change programmes, it can be useful to explore a range of options. We’ll work on the most useful approach to developing change and instilling organisational coaching across your business.

How to demonstrate value

Bring able to demonstrate value and positive outcomes quickly is essential to keep momentum. We’ll build an approach that can demonstrate quick wins in the early days and reinforce our approach with constant reminders of success.

Develop a suite of tools, methods, activities and approaches that can help ingrain organisational coaching across the whole business.

These can also be used and adopted by your internal L&D or external training providers.

A blended approach to instilling organisational coaching and making it stick.

The key with any change initiate it to bring people along with you, clearly articulate the reason for change and show them actions and output that make things better.

You’ve become a trusted companion in some of the biggest life changes I’ve experienced to date. Your support, insight (and challenges!) have been invaluable.

Consultant, National Health Service, UK

A little bit about me

I’m a qualified, executive coach

I’m a Level 7, ILM qualified executive coach working with multinational businesses across the world.

20 years experience in change

I’ve worked in coaching, people empowerment and change management for over 20 years.

I’m bound by a global ethics code

I’m bound by a globally recognised confidentiality, professional practice and ethics code.

I work remotely across the world

I have clients all over the world and run all my sessions online. Find out why.

Read more about my approach and principles to coaching.

A little about my background

Change management and programmes

Working on large change programmes for international and regional businesses. Supporting teams and individuals to design betters services, and make this better for their customers.

Enabling people to be their best and happiest

Supporting people in organisations across the world manage change in their life, help find solutions to their problems and support them in improving their performance.

Putting humanity back into business culture

Cultural change that’s more than just words on a slide. Authentic, meaningful and thoughtful cultural shifts to help organisations be all they can be.

I’m trained as a Level 7 Executive Coach, accredited by the ILM.

The ILM is a globally-recognised coaching institution.

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If you’d live to have a chat and see how I could get, just drop me a note

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