Action-focused, empowering and supportive

Personal Development

Partnering with leaders and individuals to support them to explore, grow and develop into all they want to be.

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Online coaching for individuals

Empowering, action-focused coaching to help you grow.

For work and your career

Executive Coaching

I can support you in building on your strengths, making the next career move or manage greater performance, resilience and make the most of your strengths.

For life, growth and finding your way

Life Coaching

Let me help you find your own way through life’s ups and downs through and build you way towards a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.


My online coaching is built on three, simple principles.


that’s free from judgement

The better we know ourselves, the easier our lives can be. But we also need to learn to be kind to ourselves – to be thoughtful observers to our nature rather than harsh critics. Self-awareness without the stigma that we need to be more than we are.


without excess

Being able to reflect on ourselves and explore our behaviour without becoming prisoners to our thinking. To find a balanced approach to reflection and the growth of our emotional intelligence.


of who you are today

It may sound paradoxical, but I believe the more we accept ourselves for who we are today the easier it is to grow into something tomorrow. Acknowledging the remarkable person you are already helps build on the strengths you already have.

My approach

Curiosity, courage and exploration


to learn about ourselves

Supporting clients to have the curiosity to learn about themselves, what makes them happy and what they want from life. Learning about ourselves is an every changing, life-long endeavour so it pays to be inquisitive.


to change the things we want to

I help clients to build the courage to make change in their lives when they need to, and develop the resilience to work through life’s challenges when they arise.


to find a life that makes you content

There’s no solution that fits everyone, so it’s about understanding what works for you. It’s about exploring solutions, ideas and approaches together – and finding something that fits you.

You’ve become a trusted companion in some of the biggest life changes I’ve experienced to date. Your support, insight (and challenges!) have been invaluable.

Consultant, National Health Service, UK

Why work with me?

Everyone is different, which means it’s not just about finding any coach – it’s about finding the right coach for you.

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important you find one you trust and get along with.

I have a background in organisational change, executive coaching and psychology. I’ve coached people from all over the world in all walks of life, from CEO’s to teachers and professional athletes. My focus is never on how senior a person is, but whether I can help and add value to them.

Regardless of who I work with, I follow the same fundamental principles:

The time and space to think

Most people are never given the time, space and support to achieve what they’re really capable of – I offer this space and support to my clients.

To really listen, without judgement

Coaching is about listening. Really listening. Then asking the right questions. My role is to be attentive and aware of your thought process, and thoughtfully challenge it to lead to better outcomes.

Work in partnership, with you as the lead

I work as a partner with you. I’m not there to tell you what’s right, make judgements or force you to do things my way. We navigate together, understanding your situation, developing options and agreeing a way forward.

When choosing a coach, it’s useful to ask yourself:

Can I trust this person and that they have my best interests at heart?
Will I get along with them in the long term? Do we “gel”?
Do I walk away from conversations with them feeling a little more empowered and capable?
Are they willing to challenge me and my thoughts with compassion?
Do they have the self-awareness, emotional intelligence and strength of character to be my guide and companion as I explore my situation?

A little bit about me

I’m a qualified, executive coach

I’m a Level 7, ILM qualified executive coach working with multinational businesses across the world.

15 years experience in change

I’ve worked in coaching, people empowerment and change management for over 15 years.

I work remotely across the world

I have clients all over the world and run all my sessions online. Find out why.

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