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My Nan wanted to write a book called “It’s a funny old life”. She’d often spoken about it, but, like a lot of us, never quite got around to starting it. I’m thinking about this as I sit in a windswept cafe, watching the waves crash over the rocks, after a week of trekking through the Patagonian mountains in Chile.

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We’re all writing the story of our lives, intentionally or not, everyday. 

I’m in Patagonia as the last leg of our 2 year trip through this incredible continent, before we head across the Drakes Passage to Antarctica. I’m reflecting on the past 2 years, as we’ve trekked across the South American Andes, beginning in Costa Rica and working our way down through Ecuador, Peru and Chile. In a few months we’ll be near the opposite Pole, living in Norway. Then perhaps we’ll live in Provence for a year. Fluidity and adaptability are key when you live a nomadic life.

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The last time I was in an office was before the pandemic. And it’ll likely be the last time I ever intentionally go to one. I never suited the corporate life and longed for the mountains and adventure. But it took a global crisis for me to take stock and choose to write a new story. It’s often the way – crisis breaks the shackles that hold us where we are, and offers us a chance to set ourselves free.

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I gave up a well paid career as a management consultant and change director because I know that, for me, no amount of corporate prestige will ever compare to the freedom, adventure and deep meaning I find in exploring this incredible planet, and learning firsthand from its occupants.

Everyone has a story to tell if you’re willing to listen, and every ecosystem is a chance to see how interconnected we are (and how disconnected we’ve become). I’ve learnt more about humanity, community and connection from the indigenous tribes and people I’ve met that a million PowerPoint presentations. And, for me, learning and experiencing is what it’s all about. 

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I’m sitting here today, and not in a Costa coffee on the M4, because I made a few decisions;

  • I was bored at failing at “normal”, it was like wearing an ill-fitting suit.
  • I was utterly burnout out (or more likely bored-out) by a well-paying but soul destroying career.
  • I had come to the end of my threshold with toxic, unhealthy and ego-driven work environments that crush creativity and force people to conform until they’re shadows of themselves.
  • I no longer felt the value I brought was worth the cost to my wellbeing and happiness.

From my experience, a fair few people feel this way. Even if they don’t quite go to the same lengths I have to rectify it! 

But the chance to help others to find a path that suits them is why I’ve always loved coaching.

It’s the opportunity to open a door to greater possibilities. To free yourself from the prison of disingenuous or unintentional living. To walk towards a life that’s more authentically and uniquely yours.

For me it’s an opportunity to take 15 years worth of experience in catalysing and enabling change, and to put it to good use with people who want to change their lives.

It might not mean big change for everyone, but it’s profound what can happen when you stop living in the shadow of what the world tells you to be and start embracing what you could be.

The opportunity to work with people to help them find their own path, and awaken to just how capable, remarkable and resilient they can be, is something I feel very lucky to be part of. There’s not much that brings me more joy than knowing I’ve supported someone to realise their own potential and be a supportive companion on their journey. 

We don’t get to choose what life throws at us. But we do get to choose what story we write with what we’ve been given. And to write your story intentionally, with authenticity and courage, is one of the greatest things we can ever do.

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